Schiume 2015

Schiume / 2015 / Bleu Neu ( A Study in the performance of Language)

Bleu Neu ( A Study in the performance of Language)

06.09.2015 / 22:00

Beatrice Jarvis


A delicate meeting of mind, body and land in the co-­‐creation of a ritual performance which seeks to explore the notion of capturing a state of being. Archive, experiment, create, return, bury, form, reflect, record, document. The body collects landscape, gathering, forming, collecting, sharing, revealing, fragmenting, traces and lines of terrain shadowing the body. This immersive performance installation explores the position of the body as archive to the affects of language and question how can the body can become mirror to its surroundings, asking through embodied practice, photography, film and installation, how does the body become a living archive to the experience of being.