Schiume 2014

Schiume / Performing Arts Festival
Forte Marghera, Mestre, Venice

Chapter V - Resilience

Schiume will celebrate the fifth edition with some old friends of the festival, and new performers, who will give the feeling of the contemporary underground approach to theatre and performing arts.

Thank you for the participation!

Friday 05.09.2014 Events

19:30 One minute loops

Video, loops, sounds, televisions

21:00!/ first step: Give me a moment

Performance, body, drum, frustration, live music, unsuitableness

22:00 CLOUDY

C32 performing art workspace, body, performance, sounds, video

Saturday 06.09.2014 Events

19:30 Lacuna - land of hidden spaces

Reflecting venice, environmental issues, landscape, video

21:00 I am a shape, in a shape doing a shape

Hidden energy, black, infinite numbers, point, shape, sirius

22:00 Pollicino 2.0

Little Thumbling, fears, nightmares, performance, self made man, video

Sunday 07.09.2014 Events

19:30 La resistenza

Disposable, consumerism, indifference, resistence

21:00 Kitchen

Actions, kitchen, objects, performance, sounds, table

22:00 In luce

Darkness, couch, flashlights, visible/invisible

05–07.09.2014 Continuous Events

One way ticket

Artworks, collage, drawings, installation

Venezia manifesta

Postcards, Venice, city, past-present-future