Schiume 2013

Schiume / Performing Arts Festival
Forte Marghera, Mestre, Venice

The theme of the 2013 edition is displacement.

Displacement means change of the original position, spatial-temporal phase shift, replacement, distance and disorientation.

But also possibility to distance oneself from a stifling environment and power to transform identities, making them more fluid.

Thursday 11.07.2013 Events

21:00 Garden

ars di natura, garden, individual, labour, persuasion, survival strategy

21:30 We used to be lovers

Francesca Cola, Gemini Excerpt, Superbudda, Volvon, dance, love, performance

22:30 Notebook

Neil Luck, Notebook, Richard Foreman, music, performance, sonic and physical imitations

Friday 12.07.2013 Events

21:00 TraScendere

E, Erosanteros, figure, fog, sound, syntetic, trascendere

21:30 OHHO / Body Cello

Wen chin fu, body, body cello, self-made instrument, sound

22:00 Half Mourning

Future mellon, Latvia, performance, tragedies

Saturday 13.07.2013 Events

21:00 To London, Love Me

London, Lowri Jenkins, The Mostly Everything People, find a place, loneliness, music, theatre

22:00 Laugh & Cry

cry, dance, emotions, laugh, motions, performance, public

Sunday 14.07.2013 Events

19:30 Conversation

artistic practices, conversation, displacement, economic systems

21:00 Ebollizione

Irene Russolillo, body, flow of consciousness, performance, white stage

22:00 NOTrOM

Alberto Fiori, Roberto Dani, drums, identity, musical memory, samples

11–14.07.2013 Continuous Events

Marghera Harp

acoustic, frequencies, installation, sound, space, steel wires

Negation / Untitled / Contact Zone

contact zone, economic impact, immigration, installation, negation, untitled, video

Magic Cookie

Google Web History, dream, image search results, information bubble, installation


black&white, glue, paper, paperboy, streetart


beamer, details, images, laptop, mirror, videoart

Schiuma party

afterparty, electro, experimental, live, music, people, r&r