Schiume 2015


The creators of Schiume Festival

Company laPeriferia brings together a group of artists and cultural workers, who met at IUAV University of Venice and are now developing their practice in different European countries: Belgium, Germany, Italy and United Kingdom.

Since 2010 LaPeriferia has curated Schiume Festival, with the goal of generating a network of young artists, outside of established circuits and logics of big events.

Mariachiara Barbieri


Mariachiara Barbieri was born in Summer 1985, in Mantua, Italy. She grew up between Bologna, Quingentole (MN) and Piovene Rocchette (VI).

After a brilliant equestrian career during her classical studies, she graduated in Theatre at Venice IUAV University and then moved to Berlin, where she joined Art Hung Collectiv as technician, make up artist and performer. She has worked at Berliner Ensemble’s costume department for Robert Wilson’s Peter Pan and now she’s currently working at Schaubühne’s costume department as dresser.

In the future she wishes to be a princess and creative-handmade-factotum. She loves kitsch, animals, food and wine.


Maria Conte


Maria was born in Treviso in 1984. She grew up as a nerd, succeding in scientific studies while drammatically in love with cinema. At the age of 19 she moved to Rome where she changed her mind focusing on Theatre, from a theoric point of view.

Then she started a more practical experience that brought her back in Venice, then in Germany and for over a year in the wild world of Naples, where she was working as assistant director with well known artists.

Now she is living in Berlin, working in a different productions: handmade paintings, face and body painting and … maybe she could become a pastry chef, another obsession she has been developing in the last years.

Ilaria Faletto


Ilaria Faletto is interested in Puppet Theatre and Costume Design.

In 2006 she graduated in Costume Design at the University of Florence and in 2010 she obtained a master’s degree at IUAV University of Venice with thesis about Shadow Theatre and its theoretical, perceptual and psychological aspects.

Since 2010 she has created several performances of Shadow Theatre and Black Theatre.

Irene Liverani

Artistic direction, Organisation

Irene has undertaken a practice-led PhD at the Centre for Performance and Creative Exchange of University of Roehampton. Her research focuses on participatory collections in installation-based art, to explore how such artworks challenge and reshape notions of event, historicity, and subjectivity.

She is currently working on sound installation Italians 2001, in collaboration with musician Alessio Mezzarobba.


Margherita Mauro

Artistic direction and organisation, Interviews

Margherita was born in Rome in 1985. When three years later her family moved to Moscow and brought her along, she found herself short of words and decided to begin a journey in search for them.

Ever since, she’s been engaging with puns, crosswords and writing on a daily basis, yet she still finds that sometimes people struggle to understand her.

Currently Margherita is a word-recycling activist based in London, where she is perfecting the art of disappearance.

Simone Montella

Artistic direction and organisation

Author, videomaker and performer, Simone graduated in Theatre Direction e Communication Studies. He has written and directed performance works: Leefleaf, 2010, Tunnel, 2010, Manfred, 2011. Until 2010 with laPeriferia organization he curates Schiume Festival, Venice. He has realized a number of video projects and short movies; he has taught videomaking workshops in schools. His blog is In 2012 his first novel, Istruzioni per l’odio, was published by Il Foglio Letterario press, Piombino. He works as a freelancer photographer, web designer/web content e video operator in the north of Italy.


Mattia Pagura

Artistic direction and organisation

Mattia Pagura is an international Video artist and Theatre director with six years experience working across stage and documentary filmmaking.

Combining these skills, he is able to blur the boundaries between sound, video, dance and performance.

He regularly oversees all aspects of production from conception to delivery including filming, sound recording and editing.


Carlotta Scioldo

Artistic direction and organisation

Carlotta born in the summer of the 1985 in Turin, where she grew up for a while before starting to dance and travel. She studied Art and theater at the Univerisity of Turin, and at the IUAV in Venice, with shorter period at the Univerisity of Copenhagen and New York University.

Her interests grew and melt around the reign of performance, in order to cross and to meet the body (dance) and the space (architecture).

Deepening her research in these fields during 4 years of practice and life in Belgium, she started to work as a dramaturg. Her wishes, among the others, are to devise possible ways and places to develop and exchange artistic research in Italy.

Lucio Serpani

Set design, construction, technical supervision

Alessandro Vincenzi

Technical Direction, Graphics

After a bachelor’s degree in Set design at Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna in 2007 and a master’s degree in Theatre at IUAV University of Venice in 2010, Alessandro started working as a technician for theatres and exhibitions.

He manages different fields, as light, sound and technic of the stage and presently work as stage technician for the Schaubühne, a theatre in Berlin.