Schiume 2015

Schiume / Performing Arts Festival
Forte Marghera, Mestre, Venice

Sixth Edition

Let there be more life.


04/05/06/ SEPTEMBER



An event created and produced by Ass.Cult. La Periferia

Friday 04.09.2015 Events

19:30 Propedeutica per una sensibilità ecologista

Bio, Green, Participation, Play

21:00 Display

Interaction, Play, Video

21:30 Sphaera

Bubble, Darkness, Fog, Performance, Sphaera

22:30 (numero progressivo?) CONCERTO PER PIANTINE

Atmosphere, Landscape, Music, Plants

Saturday 05.09.2015 Events

15:00 Comics Are Easy

Colours, Comics, Drawings, Interaction, Workshop

19:30 Cosmic Chaos

Drawings, Sun Ra, Video

21:00 Nobody Knows Where My Johnny Has Gone

It's my party and I cry if I want...

21:30 Interferenza Urbana #2

Body, Fil Rouge, Music

22:00 The Telescope

Performance, Small objects, Sounds, Tapes, Video

Sunday 06.09.2015 Events

19:30 Holometabolism

Animals, Discover Forte Marghera, Drawings, Play

21:00 Transcience

Dance, Emotional states, Music

21:30 Selfie

Music, Performance, Selfie, Video

22:30 Writing animation

Ambient, Animation, Concert, Drawings, Piano, Violin

04–06.09.2015 Continuous Events

Schiume Party - Live set

Afterparty, Danceallnightlong, Dj set, Live electronics